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You get to be the boss. There’s no central office or supervisor to report to and you can set your own pace. Start working from home today.


You’ll have total control over your schedule. There are no minimums to meet, and you can work the hours and times you choose!


Payments are sent weekly through the method of your choice. You could earn hundreds or even thousands a week!


We handle all the advertising at no cost to you. Millions of visitors have immediate access to your chat daily. You can also bring in new customers with provided marketing tools!


Being our Model is safe, secure, and free. You receive a percentage of every dollar billed in your chat. We handle all the processing for you, so you can focus on your fans.


You only need three pieces of equipment to get started: a webcam, a computer, and an internet connection. That’s it! No technical skills required.

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Why become a webcam model? Why choose Streamate?


Webcam performers know that this is one of the most versatile and exciting jobs out there. You get to work from the privacy of your own home, set your own hours, and get to decide who you will do business with. You get to set your own pace.

Some performers sign up for extra income, others make it their primary source of income! For more information on how it works, read through the FAQ.


Flirtatelier is one of the most exclusive networks of live adult chat sites on the web today! We have over 500 million visitors each month from all over the world.

We take care of all of the advertising costs in order to drive even more visitors to the websites where your model profile will appear. This means more people in your chat room and higher earning potential.


Our continued success is fueled by our dedicated in-house staff who are ready to assist you with any questions you have! Do you have a question about the sign-up process? About Streamate? About how webcam modeling works? Contact us! A Streamate representative will answer any questions you have. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to our many guides and tips for maximizing your earning potential.


You just need a few things to get started, along with a great attitude.

A computer

You can start streaming with almost any modern computer running Windows or Mac OS! For the best video experience, we recommend a computer running an i7 processor (or equivalent) and at least 3 GB of RAM.


Streamate strictly follows legal requirements, so you must be able to prove your identity and that you are old enough to sign up (18+). Any government issued photo ID will work! This information will be kept secure.


Any webcam will work, including a built-in laptop camera. To help you earn more attention, we recommend a widescreen webcam with HD quality video. You can also go all out and use a camcorder and capture card for crystal clear video.


You’ll fill out a profile about you and your interests. Your profile will be visible on over 2000 popular cam sites within our network! For your privacy, you can choose to set up geographic restrictions to hide your profile from people in certain locations.


Any internet connection will get you started, but faster connections will ensure a better experience and higher quality video, you can choose to set up g restrictions to hide your profile from people in certain locations.


You’ll need to upload at least one photo for your public profile. Choose one that will show off your good side and draw in customers! You can upload as many additional photos to your profile as you want.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your profile will appear on over 2000 popular live adult chat sites. Members can find you by browsing or searching, and can pay to watch your live shows that are broadcast from your webcam.

As a Flirtatelier model, you’ll have the freedom to choose the price to charge your customers during private chat. There are no minimums…it is completely up to you! You can also choose when you want to work, and for how long. Of course, the more you work, the more money you will make! You’ll earn a set percentage of the money spent on you. You can closely track your earnings from your account.

Once a week, you’ll be sent a secure payment through the method of your choice. We never penalize performers for charge-backs or card declines; you will always be paid for your performances.

Absolutely not. If you’re confident, have personality, and are motivated, then you can be a successful webcam model. You’ll have access to our help site with guides and tips to help you get started! You can also contact us at any time if you need advice on how to maximize your earning potential.

No! Webcam models come in all sizes, sexes, ethnicites, and orientations. Couples and groups are welcome too! Being unique can help you stand out, and our search tools are set up to help your target audience find you. We believe everyone has something to offer, and we pride ourselves in that diversity. As long as you’re confident, outgoing, and driven to be successful, we welcome you to sign up!

Each model has the freedom to choose their own per-minute rate and is paid a percentage of their successful transactions. The amount you can make depends on your rate, how frequently you’re online, and the popularity of your shows. Our models make anywhere from $200 – $10,000+ per week.

No. As a Streamate model, you’ll be in control of your experience. You can work as many or as few hours as you want, and you can get on at any time, day or night. You also get to decide which customers to accept and which shows to do! You really are your own boss.

Webcam modeling is a growing trend due to being a versatile and exciting job! For some people, this is a good way to earn spending cash. For others, it’s their primary income! The amount of time and effort you put in will determine the success you have. You get to set the pace.

Yes! We provide several tools and options to help you promote your Streamate profile. If you have an existing website, there are many ways to connect it to your Streamate profile. We also have a member referral program set up for helping us bring in brand new members!

Yes. We accept models from all over the world. You must have an accepted form of government ID, and you should be able to speak English well. Contact us if you have any questions about your specific country.

The sign-up process is easy and 100% free. Click here to complete the signup form. Once you submit it, you’ll get an email to confirm you email address. After confirmation, you’ll be able to log in and complete the application process.

Application steps include checking your age and Government ID, setting up payment method, completing your online profile, and submitting a picture to use on the site. Each step is short and has directions for completing. After you finish all steps, your application will be reviewed within 24-72 hours. If there are problems, we’ll let you know so you can fix them. If everything looks good, you’ll be notified that you’re approved! You can start doing shows right away!

Are you ready to mix business with pleasure? Join the Flirtatelier family now and start making money today!


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